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Defence of Doctoral Dissertation

On Thursday 11 January 2018 at 14:00 MSc in Psychology, PhD and Professor Kamilla Woznica Miskowiak will defend her doctoral dissertation in order to be awarded the doctoral degree in medical science (


“Advancing treatment discovery for cognitive dysfunction in mood disorders with neuroimaging and psychological assessments – exemplified by erythropoietin”

Opponents at the Defence Ceremony
• Professor Max Gassmann, University of Zurich is 1st opponent

• Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London is 2nd opponent

Opponents ex Auditorio
Unofficial opponents must contact the Chairman of the Defence Ceremony professor Ralf Hemmingsen, University of Copenhagen, e-mail:

Professor Steen Hasselbalch, University of Copenhagen, chairs the assessment committee

Please contact the author by e-mail: to obtain a copy of the dissertation.

For a copy of the assessment committee’s report please contact the Faculty Service by e-mail:

Time and Place
Thursday 11 January 2018 at 14:00

Auditorium, opgang 61A, Psykiatrisk Center København, afd. O, Rigshospitalet, Henrik Harpestrengs Vej, 2100 København Ø