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Copenhagen workshop on injectables - Current and future challenges

Join our 1- day workshop on injectables and the challenges it poses and meet the frontier scientists who will tell about the current status and challenges in this exciting field. Speakers include Patricia Turner and Marilyn E. Morris.

The emerging area of injectables has scientific interest. Subcutaneous, intradermal, and intramuscular injection of drugs and peptides and the interaction with the organism is only starting to be elucidated.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, is pleased to invite all interested stakeholders to this 1-day workshop on injectables where exchange of scientific ideas, trends and options is possible.

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9:00-9:10          Welcome by professor Sven Frøkjær: What are the challenges for injectables? Subcutaneous, intramuscular and intradermal delivery

Pharmacology/pharmacokinetics (Chair: Jens Lykkesfeldt)

9:10-9:30          Glycooptimization of biopharmaceutical injectables. Eric Bennett (Copenhagen Center for Glycomics, Department of Odontology, University of Copenhagen)

9:30-9:50          Modification of factor IX (i.v.). Thomas Steenstrup (Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark)

9:50-10:10        Break

Principles for formulation (Chair: Sven Frøkjær)

10:10-10:30     Formulation principles – an overview. Svend Ludvigsen (Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark)

10:30-10:50     Taylored Formulation design for optimal protein absorption kinetics, new insulin examples. Svend Ludvigsen (Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark)

10:50-11:10   Chemical strategies for half-life extension of biopharmaceuticals. Knud J. Jensen (Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

11:10-11:30     Break

Diffusion dynamics: imaging and models (Chair: Jeppe Sturis)

11:30-11:50     Subcutaneous delivery and visualisation of depots: Jacob Hecksher-Sørensen (Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark)

11:50-12:10     In silico simulation models: A case study with insulin. Christian Hove Rasmussen (Certara Strategic Consulting, Denmark)

12:10-13:10     Lunch

Immune system – friend and foe (Chair: Karsten Petersson)

13:10-13:30     Immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins. Marco van de Weert (Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen)

13:30-13:50     Host-drug interaction - immune response in the local tissue: Immune reactions on different delivery systems, including effect of adjuvans. Dennis Christensen (Statens Serum Institut, Denmark)

13:50-14:10     Break

Bioavailability and in vitro models (Chair: Jens Lykkesfeldt)

14:10-14:50     Mechanistic Determinants of Biotherapeutics Absorption Following SC Administration. Marilyn E. Morris (University of Buffalo, USA).

14:50-15:30    Tissue response to injectables. Patricia Turner (University of Guelph, Canada)

15:30-16:00     Closing remarks by Sven Frøkjær and the speakers


Co-organisers and co-sponsors

Theworkshop will be reported to the Ethical Committee for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Denmark (ENLI) prior to the event. It is the opinion of the organisers that the workshop complies with the rules in the field, even if the event has not been preapproved by ENLI.