Evaluation of tuition at Human Biology

Under Results you can see, amongst other information, what students think of the tuition at the study programme in Human Biology.

See also how the evaluation of the tuition at Human Biology is planned and carried out under Basis as well as how evaluations are followed up on (under Follow-up).

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Study programme surveys

In 2011 an alumni survey was conducted amongst graduates in Human Biology from the fifteen year period prior to the survey (since the study programme was launched). The focus of the survey was the graduates’ career paths, unemployment rate, salary, and career development. Another important objective was to investigate whether graduates feel that they have been equipped with the necessary competences in relation to the transition to the labour market. You can read more about the study programme survey and its results here.

In 2016 another alumni survey was conducted amongst graduates in Human Biology. This survey has the same focus as the survey from 2011 and is therefore a great opportunity for following the education. You can read more about the new results here.