The EPPEC conference provides a meeting platform for senior and junior researchers, who are passionate about applying epidemiologic methods to reproduction, child health, and life-course research, in Europe and elsewhere. We have eminent keynote speakers, who are all prominent researchers within their respective fields, lined up for you. Additionally, we are excited to provide a dedicated space in the program for talented young researchers, offering them an opportunity to present their work and contribute to the collective knowledge of the community.


Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Olof Stephansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Scandinavian studies on Covid-19 infection, vaccination and perinatal health

  • Prof. Eduardo Villamor, University of Michigan, US

Intergenerational effects of maternal obesity

  • Dr. Olga Basso, Italy

Incomplete denominators and interpretation of evidence in perinatal research

  • Prof. Tine Brink Henriksen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Preterm birth or preterm born?

  • Prof. Deborah Lawlor, University of Bristol, UK

Using observational data to determine drug effectiveness and safety in pregnancy

  • Prof. Robert Platt, McGill University, Canada

Causal inference in perinatal epidemiology  – do we know what the question is?


Hot topic debate: Full genome newborn screening, Pro et contra:

  • Dr. Andrea Ganna, Institute for Molecular Medicine, Finland

Pro: Why we should sequence everyone (who wants to)

  • Dr. Janine Felix, Department of Pediatrics at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Contra: Newborn genome sequencing: too much, too early?


The conference aims at:

Strengthening a European research network and collaboration within perinatal and paediatric epidemiology.

Featuring stellar international speakers, and creating a unique interface between perinatal, obstetric, and paediatric clinical and epidemiologic research.

Creating a venue for junior researchers to present and discuss their research findings with senior researchers.


Join us at EPPEC2024 for an inspiring conference fostering collaboration and innovation in the landscape of perinatal and paediatric epidemiology.


To register for the conference and access more information, please visit the conference website: EPPEC 2024 - Welcome